We are continuing to embed British Values and democracy as part of our school life and have been thinking about qualities and skills required to be a Member of Parliament.

Our pupil parliament is made up from pupils from Year 1 – Year 6.

1 pupil from each class will act as Members of Parliament (MPs).

1 Year 6 pupil has been elected to be Prime Minister.


Prime Minister: 

Each candidate campaigns and presents their manifesto and promises to Key Stage pupils. A secret ballot is held and a Prime Minister elected.

Their role is to work collaboratively with School leaders, MPs, Governors and School Community to ensure school is run effectively and is a safe and happy place for children to learn.


Members of Parliament (MPs)

To become a Member of Parliament (MP) children campaign to their classmates, share their manifestos and their ideas. Children vote and elect MPs to represent their class. Their role is to share the ideas and opinions of the pupils in their classes.


Meet the Pupil Parliament 2023/2024
Prime Minister


Members of Parliament


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