The Designated Safegurding Lead (DSL) at Our Lady's is Mrs Y Gac (Head of school)

The Deputy Designated Safegurding Lead (DDSL) at Our Lady's is Mrs A Amos (SENDCO assistant)

Our school's safeguarding governor is Mrs M Cunnigham 

Making a referral 


If you have any concerns regarding a child or individual, please make an online referral to Social Care.

Click here to make an online referral. 


If you believe that the child or individual is in immediate danger, please contact the police.



Early Help 


What is Early Help?

Early Help is a way of getting extra help and support when your family needs it, but getting it as soon as difficulties start, rather than waiting until things get worse. It’s for children and young people of any age and their family. Help can come from all kinds of services and organisations who work together to support your family. You might be using some of these services already, but we want to make sure they are providing the right support for you and your family’s needs.


Why would you seek Early Help? 

It could be that you’re worried about your child’s health, development or behaviour, or perhaps because you are caring for a disabled child. Maybe you, your child or your whole family are affected by relationships within the family, drugs or alcohol or you are experiencing personal distress or anxiety, financial or housing problems. By getting help from the right services at the right time, and as early as possible, we can help prevent or reduce potential problems for children as they grow up.