Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School



Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

This week we have started our Read Write Inc. sessions by focussing on the sounds m, a, s and d. For homework, please practise recording these sounds using the handwriting lines below then add the correct initial sound to each picture to make the word.

St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss

Homework this week is to research a dinosaur and tell me 3 facts.

Spellings ( please help your child to learn during the week)

the that not look put

Handwriting - As last week’s group of letters were tricky and there were 6 of them we have stayed on the same group this week, so I have included the same sheet for practice.

St Mark's - Mrs Booker

In our IT lessons, we have been creating algorithms for walking shapes and routes by moving forward a number of steps and making quarter turns. Please complete the suggested task that will help reinforce this learning by creating algorithms for some routes around the house.
St Luke's - Miss Williamson

The Vikings loved sagas about brave, confident heroes who were often direct descendants from the gods and fought vicious, evil monsters. Beowolf is a Viking saga that tells the adventures of Beowolf and his defeat of a vile monster called Grendel. The poem is over 3000 lines long (that's why it's called a saga). What do you think the Grendel might have looked like? You can research in books or on the internet to help you come up with some ideas if you want to.

DRAW and LABEL a picture of the Grendel.

St John's - Mrs Gac
We have been perfecting our addition and subtraction skills in class.
I would like you to demonstrate what you can do by completing your maths problems on the worksheet provided.
You might want to do your working out on a separate sheet of paper.