Austerfield 2016

Day 1

We started our day putting up our tents and my goodness what experts we were. Team Year 5!! After putting up our tents we even had to do a spot of cleaning to make our tents clean. Later this morning we ventured into the woods to do an environmental walk and created suitable habitats for different animals. We came up with some fantastic homes for our animals. Once we had completed our fun packed morning we chilled out eating our lunch in a serene woodland area. We had a great afternoon playing games such as jenga, limbo and football. We were so excited when Mrs. Gac and Mrs. Collins arrived with Pizza - yum. Tonight were are star gazing and we'll let you know if we see any planets!!! We are so proud of Year 5 so far they have been a credit to the school.

Day 2

Day 2 was quite leisurely after an early morning rise. A big thank you to Mrs Collins for turning up in her apron at 7am to help with breakfast. The children were so helpful clearing away. Today consisted of two activities: wild art and den building. The children had to work in teams to create a full size den in the woods. During wild art the children created a journey stick to remind them of their stay at Austerfield. We had a truly fabulous time but we were all so tired on the way home.