• Homework
    Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

    For homework please practise your counting skills by playing the dog game. Play with another person and turn over a number card. Count out the biscuits into the bowl and then compare the amounts. The winner is the one with the most biscuits in their bowl.

    St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss
    We have been learning about the Rapunzel story in class. Your homework is to pretend that you are the prince and write a letter to the witch and ask her to free Rapunzel.
    St Mark's - Mrs Booker
    Use your knowledge of addition facts to add multiples of 10 and/or 100 and complete the questions on your worksheet.
    St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson

    Fact Challenge: Can you find out 10 facts about Italy? What is the most interesting fact you can find out?

    Extension: Compare Italy with another country in Europe

    St John's - Mrs Gac

    Write a prayer or poem that we can perform at our Remembrance Service in school. You might want to watch footage of the annual service held at the Cenotaph in London to help you with ideas for your creation.