Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

Homework Due – Wednesday 27th February 2019

This week we have been exploring animals that live in the sea using the ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ story to help us. For homework, create your favourite animal that lives in the sea. This could be a shark, dolphin, octopus, turtle, crab or an animal of your choice. You can use any materials to create your animal. We look forward to seeing your magnificent creations.

St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss
In English we have been writing a persuasive letter. Your homework is to write me ( Mrs Bayliss ) a letter to persuade me to give you 10 minutes extra lunchtime break. Remember to use question sentences , emotive language , positives to your argument as well as negatives. Don’t forget to finish with a heart wrenching line. I have given an example below.
Dear Zoo keeper,
Do you want your giraffe’s to be unhealthy? Well stop everything and give them fresh vegetables to eat. Fresh vegetables are full of vitamins. Don’t your animals deserve a balanced diet ? The food you are giving them now is making them lifeless and they dont have the energy to move. Please think of the animals and give them the best that is possible.
Mrs Bayliss

St Mark's - Mrs Booker

Music: Next week is ‘Music Week’ in school. Definition of a musician: ‘A person who plays a musical instrument, or is musically talented’. 
Please choose one of your favourite musicians and find out interesting facts about them. Do they play an instrument? 
What style of music do they perform? Are they in a band, orchestra or a solo artist? Where have they performed? 
Have you been to one of their performances? Be ready to present your findings to the class. Are you feeling brave?
Could you perform something by your chosen musician?
St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson

Literacy: Copy out each of these sentences and then write whether it is in active or passive voice.

Challenge: Find examples of sentences written in passive voice in your reading book Can you change each of the sentences into active voice?

Maths: Rock Stars times tables

St John's - Mrs Gac

Research an Amazonian animal that is at risk of becoming extinct. Investigate what is being done to ensure that the animal survives.
Children’s University February Half Term Challenge
Please see attached Children’s University February half term challenge sheet.