• Homework
    Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

    For homework draw and write about your favourite part of our visit to Cannon Hall Farm.

    St Matthew's - Miss Donnelly
    You have been given homework for the final half term. Choose one piece to complete each week:
    Create a fact file about a pet/animal. Where does it come from? What does it eat? Find out some interesting facts about your animal. Add pictures!
    Extension: Look on a map to find out where your animal comes from.
    Read a story or non-fiction book about an animal.
    Extension: Write or draw a picture to show your favourite part of your book.
    Make an animal mask.
    Extension: Write a set of instructions on how to make your mask.
    Find out about an endangered animal. Why is it endangered? Create a poster to tell people about your endangered animal.
    Extension: Add information on how you can help the endangered animal.
    Look out for animals in your local area eg. Cats, dogs, birds, squirrels etc. Make a tally of the animals that you see.
    Extension: Use this to draw a bar chart.
    Look at different measures of things in your house eg. Food boxes, shampoo bottles etc. Look for 5 different measurements eg. 500g, 50ml, 2.5kg, and draw the items in order from smallest to largest.
    Extension: Use <>= to compare two of the objects. 
    St Mark's - Miss Eddy 
    Over the next two weeks your homework is to create a poster of all your favourite things we have learnt about this year. Think about what the title of your poster is going to be and what information you will include. You can write and draw about any of our topics:
    -      Beat, Band, Boogie!
    -      Tribal Tales
    -      Tremors
    -      Wriggle and Crawl
    You need to include writing and facts and ensure your poster is your best presentation using the piece of card you have been given.
    Spellings – ask an adult to test you on 5 spellings you find tricky. Record them in your homework book.
    St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson

    Make a log flume/or roller coaster cart that you can use to travel through water. Think about the shape of it. Can you put seats inside? Make it colourful and interesting. Make part of a track to ensure it fits on the rails!

    You have 2 weeks for this.

    St John's - Mrs Gac

    Practise your parts/songs for assembly next week and gather together any costume/props that you need for this.