• Homework
    Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe
    For homework, please practise your lines for the Nativity on Wednesday.
    St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss
    In maths this week we have been doubling and halving. We have been linking the 2 together for example if we know that 5+5=10 then we know that half of 10 = 5. We have been halving numbers by sharing into 2 equal groups.
    Your task this week is to share your knowledge with someone at home and teach them how to halve and double just like you. You might halve an amount of pasta pieces; you could double your Lego blocks or you can find some other way to do this. Record your work any way that you like.

    St Mark's - Mrs Booker

     Learn about tunnelling animals such as moles, rabbits, worms, ants and badgers. Choose an animal on which to focus and record 10 key facts about it. Think about its lifecycle and how tunnelling helps it. Find out whether your chosen animal spends all, or just part of its time in the tunnel and which physical features helps it to dig.
    St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson
    Choose 3 animals or plants. Draw and label the environments in which they live.
    Challenge: Can you produce a food chain for one of your animals.

    St John's - Mrs Gac

    To compete the 2 Positive Assertive Mentoring (P.A.M) maths worksheets that are stuck in your homework books. If you are unsure of any answers, use https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/subjects to help you