Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

Over the Easter holiday please practise your doubling and halving skills by playing the attached game. Remember to use groups of objects to help you if needed. Have a fantastic break and remember to upload your adventures onto Tapestry.

St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss
We have been learning how to measure in maths this week. Your task is to make something that you have to your measuring skills for. You could bake something and weigh the ingredients in g, you could make a Lego house and measure the height in cm or anything else that you can think of. A photo or a picture is enough or you could write what you did down. Have a great Easter.
St Mark's - Mrs Booker
Write a letter to a friend about a day you have enjoyed during the Easter holidays (or another day).
Remember to use the techniques used in class: fronted adverbials, contractions, different sentence types
 (statement, question, exclamation and command). Add lots of descriptive language and some emotions.
St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson
Our next topic in English is Non-chronological reports. Find out facts and information about different dragons (real ones, not fictional ones) – e.g Kimono dragons. Create an interesting fact file, power point or poster.
St John's - Mrs Gac
To complete the reading paper provided. You do not have to complete it under timed conditions, instead I am looking for accuracy. Also, have a well-deserved rest and enjoy the holidays