Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

Thinking about our trip to the Aircraft Museum on Wednesday, talk to your families about what we did. Record your favourite part of the trip and say why you have enjoyed it

St Matthew's - Mrs Bayliss
Next week we will be learning about the planets in our solar system. Your homework is to research a planet and write facts. (using a loose sheet because we will use this research in our lesson)
St Mark's - Mrs Booker
English: Grammar
Please complete the grammar sheet using strategies practised in class.
Spellings: Please practise your spellings. Test on Wednesday 19th June.
St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson

Find out about the effects of antibiotics, how they Work and what conditions they can treat.

Extension – Are there any ways in which antibiotics fail to work?

St John's - Mrs Gac

Write a letter of application to the UK Space Agency to become and astronaut. What personal qualities or skills would you need to carry out this role.