• Homework
    Foundation Stage - Miss Briscoe

    Our current RE topic is all called ‚Friends‘ and is about being a good friend. For homework, record some sentences about your friends telling me who they are, what you do with them and why they are your friend.

    St Matthew's - Miss Donnelly
    You have been given homework for the final half term. Choose one piece to complete each week:
    Create a fact file about a pet/animal. Where does it come from? What does it eat? Find out some interesting facts about your animal. Add pictures!
    Extension: Look on a map to find out where your animal comes from.
    Read a story or non-fiction book about an animal.
    Extension: Write or draw a picture to show your favourite part of your book.
    Make an animal mask.
    Extension: Write a set of instructions on how to make your mask.
    Find out about an endangered animal. Why is it endangered? Create a poster to tell people about your endangered animal.
    Extension: Add information on how you can help the endangered animal.
    Look out for animals in your local area eg. Cats, dogs, birds, squirrels etc. Make a tally of the animals that you see.
    Extension: Use this to draw a bar chart.
    Look at different measures of things in your house eg. Food boxes, shampoo bottles etc. Look for 5 different measurements eg. 500g, 50ml, 2.5kg, and draw the items in order from smallest to largest.
    Extension: Use <>= to compare two of the objects. 
    St Mark's - Miss Eddy 
    Read a book of your choice (your reading book or a book from home) and choose one of the following tasks:
    - Complete a book review: author, illustrator, title, plot, favourite part, characters, would you recommend it?
    - Design a new front cover
    - Write a new blurb for your book
    - Create a poster for your book
    - if your book is non-fiction – make a fact sheet.
    St Luke's - Miss Hutchinson

    Target Maths - Measures

    Section A – Bronze

    Section B - Silver

    Section C - Gold


    St John's - Mrs Gac
    Bronze: Choose 1 theme park. Research the rides. Group the rides under different headings.
    Silver: Research online to find information about roller coasters from around the world. Which is the oldest? The longest? The scariest? Record your results in a table.
    Gold: Same task as silver but you must represent some of the data you have discovered in a Venn Diagram.