St Luke's Class Year 4/5

Class Teacher -  Miss M Hutchinson

TA -  Mrs Allen

TA - Mrs  Horner

TA - Mrs  Walker

TA - Mrs Coverley


Our P.E sessions take place on Monday pm (swimming)

Please keep your P.E kits in school, as we may have additional P.E sessions due to forthcoming competitions or tournaments


Guitar Thursday pm


Welcome to St Luke’s class!


Our current cornerstones topic  is: Misty Mountain Sierra


Discover how giants are formed, as a fold or a block, a dome or a plateau.

Follow the water cycle’s course from peak to valley and meet the exceptional tribes of the hostile Himalayas.

Then plan a mountain expedition from the BMC that is eco-friendly and safe as can be.

But beware, look out! What’s by that tree? It’s footprints are huge! Have we found the …Yeti!!


Homework in on Wednesday