St John's Class (Year 5/6)

Class Teacher - Mrs Gac

TA/HLTA - Mrs Smith

TA/HLTA - Mrs O Malley

TA- Mrs Bailey

TA- Mrs Walker

TA- Mrs Horner


Welcome to St John’s class!

Our current Cornerstones topic is: Blood Heart

Throughout the topic we will be learning about:

  • The major parts of the human circulatory system and their functions
  • How exercise effects our heart rates
  • The components and functions of blood
  • Different blood types
  • Blood transfusions and their early dangers
  • How smoking, alcohol and drugs can affect the body, including the heart.
  • How blood flows through blood vessels and the impact of blockages on blood flow.

P.E sessions take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Please keep your P.E kits in school, as we may have additional P.E sessions due to forthcoming competitions or tournaments.


Homework in on Wednesday